#IWCA15 Keynote: Warhol in the Writing Center with Dr. Ben Rafoth!

Be sure to join us at #IWCA15 on Thursday, October 8 at 8:45am for the conference keynote,“Faces, Factories, and Warhols:  A r(Evoluntionary) Future for Writing Centers” given by Dr. Ben Rafoth of Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Ben Rafoth
Dr. Ben Rafoth

The combination of revolution and evolution, the theme of this conference, invites us to think expansively and even radically, and today I would like to do just that. The annual meeting of the IWCA offers a fresh perspective on the particulars of our lives and work–the kind of fresh perspective you sometimes feel when you experience great art. The extraordinary creativity of an artist like Warhol is easy to take for granted, in part because Warhol and his followers helped to shape the world we live in today. That is the amazing, and terrifying thing about revolutions and revolutionaries–they never leave the world as they found it. And so if we want to make a difference, it pays to study those who have done so. What can we learn about writing centers from Andy Warhol?


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